Indiana driver does hit-and-run

Result: $30,000

A female bicyclist suffered a fractured collarbone after being struck by a driver at the intersection of Grand Avenue and Columbus Drive in Chicago’s Streeterville neighborhood. She did not have health insurance to cover her out-of-pocket costs which totaled about $3,000.

The driver fled the scene, but with the license plate number and a description of the vehicle we were able to track her down. She turned out to be a licensed lawyer and medical doctor in Indiana.

When we found her she denied any knowledge of the incident. We filed a lawsuit. By conducting an aggressive investigation to link the driver to the crash, which included subpoenaing 911 calls from the site of the crash and obtaining the doctor/lawyer’s cell phone location records, we were able to build a very strong case against her.

She was left with no choice but to settle with our client for an amount nearly ten times her medical bills to avoid what likely would have been an embarrassing and costly jury trial.

Steven Vance