"I didn't see her", driver claims

Result: $35,000

A 20-year-old female photography student was struck by a 74-year-old driver who was attempting to turn left from northbound Lincoln Avenue onto westbound Barry Avenue in Lakeview.

The driver claimed to have not seen the cyclist, but we were able to demonstrate that she would have been easily visible. The collision occurred during early twilight and there was plenty of natural light left as photos taken at the scene revealed. The front corner of the vehicle hit the left side of the bicycle flipping the rider onto the hood where she struck her face.

She suffered a cracked tooth and small scars under her lip and nose from the crash. Her total medical bills were about $7,600, but we were able to obtain a settlement far in excess of those bills by arguing that the effects of the facial scars, small though they were, could have very significant consequences for a young, single woman.

Steven Vance