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Bicycle Crashes

Bicyclists are among the most vulnerable users of our city’s and our state’s roads and streets.  The attorneys and staff of Freeman Kevenides know this first hand because they are cyclists, riding daily to and from the office, to the store, to meet with family and friends and touring recreationally throughout Illinois and the Midwest.

From car doors to unseeing motorists to poor roadway conditions, bicyclists face a host of threats while attempting to enjoy the pleasures and conveniences of biking.

When a cyclist is injured due to a negligent, reckless or malicious driver, or due to poorly maintained streets, he or she may be entitled to compensation for his or her harms and losses.

Pedestrian injuries

Drivers and operators of all kinds of vehicles owe a duty to all other persons around them to be careful.  When the negligence or recklessness of the operator of a car, truck, motorcycle or bus causes injury, the driver can and should be held responsible for the harm caused.

Many parallels exist between cases involving cyclists and those involving pedestrians. Because of their shared status as vulnerable roadway users, people from both groups are often injured. Our attorneys have represented pedestrian users as successfully as they have those traveling by bicycle.

Pedestrians not only have to guard themselves against hazards associated with cars and trucks, but they are also often victims of injuries due to falls or other hazards. We are experienced litigating all types of premises liability cases in which people are injured as a result of hazardous conditions on land or in buildings. These cases typically include hazards in storefronts, walkways, stairs, escalators, elevators or almost any type of property.