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James (“Jim”) Freeman graduated from the University of Illinois in 1996 with a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts and Sciences. In 2000 he received his Juris Doctor from the DePaul University College of Law in Chicago, Illinois.

Mr. Freeman has over a decade of experience working for and against insurance companies.  He has experience working for both plaintiffs and defendants, so he knows how the insurance industry works, giving him a tactical advantage over both the insurance companies and their defense attorneys.

In 2006 Mr. Freeman founded The Law Offices of James M. Freeman, P.C. Early on it was clear that the firm’s focus would be advocating on behalf of the vulnerable users.  Because of his prior involvement with the bicycling community, Jim naturally started to take bike and pedestrian cases.  Since then he has handled a wide variety of injury cases ranging from broken bones to wrongful death.

An icon in the cycling community, Mr. Freeman is known by many simply as “Lawyer Jim.” For many years he has volunteered and worked with local pedestrian, bicycle and mass transit advocacy organizations educating people about their rights and responsibilities with regard to their modes of travel. He gives regular “legal cycling” presentations to bike clubs in an effort to educate cyclists about their rights, and responsibilities, safety issues and how to handle collisions, assaults and accidents.

Mr. Freeman has been an avid bicyclist, runner and martial artist for many years.  He commutes to work by bicycle year ’round.  He is also an experienced road and track racer.  When taking time off from his practice, Jim enjoys bike touring, hiking and mixed martial arts.

Mr. Freeman also has many years of experience as a bicycle mechanic. He has been known to comment about his love for his years working in the bike shop, “No one is a bike mechanic for the money. They enjoy it.” True to his passion, Jim still enjoys “turning a wrench.” He has taught wheel building classes, and has volunteered as a mechanics instructor for youth programs.

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